AfterHour Raises $4.5 Million to Build the Ultimate Financial Community Platform for the Internet Generation

June 17, 2024
Kevin Xu

We are thrilled to announce that AfterHour has successfully raised $4.5 million in seed funding! This funding will help us continue to build the ultimate financial community platform for the internet generation.

The round was led by Founders Fund and General Catalyst, with participation from Pear VC (PearX alumni), Daybreak Ventures, F4 Fund, Gold House Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Hyphen Capital, Anti Fund, Roadrunner Ventures, Gaingels, Trousdale Ventures, and SaxeCap.

As we make this announcement, the retail investing phenomena is back in the headlines. Keith Gill (Roaring Kitty) has returned from hiatus by making even bolder moves than he did in 2021. He has once again proven that when investors share their positions and DD with the broader community, the stock market is a place for entertainment and insights.

And that brings us to AfterHour and the core reason we built it.

AfterHour helps people learn what stocks people are trading and why via ridiculously transparent trade data, shared in full dollar amounts by a verified community of pseudonymous investors that have so far connected more than $200 million in portfolio AUM

Live trade data and insights via stock-based chat rooms and threads are delivered as real-time alerts that capture the entertainment of the markets while providing constant opportunities to unlock alpha. Nearly 6 million of such signals have been surfaced to our already enthusiastic members, who have made the app their primary community during trading days. In fact, 70% of our users open the app every single day—a vast majority of which are engaging in the community frequently during the day.

Here’s what you can expect: 

Verified and Transparent Portfolios

AfterHour members securely connect their existing brokerage accounts to the app, where their portfolios, position sizes, and daily performances are publicly shared for anyone to see. Under a pseudonym to maintain your privacy, you can then attach your positions to show proof that you’re putting your money where your mouth is. This creates a more credible environment where members can gather DD without dealing with fake screenshots and scam gurus.

Real-Time Insights and Alerts

AfterHour members receive Signals, which provides immediate notifications on critical trading activities from people you follow and events you care about, giving you with the most timely information to make informed decisions.

Engagement and Entertainment

Twitch-style chat rooms on each stock page facilitate discussions akin to a live stream for trading. A personalized feed offers content around the user's portfolio, plus trending topics and emergent insights from the community.

Founder story

AfterHour founder and CEO Kevin Xu is a former software engineer (Stripe, YouTube) that famously turned $35,000 into $8 million during the meme stock era as a novice investor, attributing his self-directed success to the power of the internet when it comes to mastering new skills. Throughout Kevin’s investing journey, he transparently shared every single trade he made, in full dollar amounts, with the WallStreetBets community (under the pseudonym Sir Jack). This experience inspired Kevin to build the first-ever degen-native financial community, applying his deep product knowledge to build a platform that he would have liked to have had in his own trading journey.

What our investors are saying

“AfterHour has unlocked a financial taboo where investors are openly sharing real details about their trades. Users are pseudonymous but verified, which has created a unique social experience that’s making the stock market accessible and engaging for millions of new investors.” Keith Rabois, led via Founders Fund
“As we see it, Gen Z has redefined the landscape of personal investing. Kevin and the AfterHour team have built what we believe is the ultimate financial community platform, that places a premium on values like transparency, social connectivity, and fun, resonating deeply with these audiences. We look forward to continuing to support the team in reshaping how the internet generation navigates financial markets.” Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director, General Catalyst


We can’t wait to grow this community with you all. Special thanks to our early members, who have already begun to shape a collaborative and exciting place to talk trading and share ideas. As one member recently put it, AfterHour is a place for “collective wisdom,” and the larger our community the smarter we get.

Download AfterHour in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.